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“Education As An Aid To Life”.  We help your child master the fundamental life skills which are essential in aiding him/her to become a confident, knowledgeable and independent individual.

At Simcoe Street Montessori School, our steadfast belief in the benefits of a Montessori education forms the basis of our school’s mission. We are dedicated to preparing our students in learning and coping successfully with life’s fundamental skills. We provide a developmentally appropriate and intellectually stimulating programme, which is implemented in an enriched environment that is enjoyable, safe and nurturing.

Our philosophy at Simcoe Street Montessori School is based upon the belief that each child is unique. The child’s individuality is demonstrated by the pace through which he/she masters the sequential stages of development.

We believe that each child has different strengths and needs. We implement individual programme plans to assist children with their personal objectives and encourage the success in their areas of strength.

Our school promotes the importance of communication. The children are encouraged to express all feelings. We help children to communicate positive and negative feelings in a manner that is physically safe and emotionally healthy to the development of self-esteem and self-worth of themselves and of others.

We work to foster socialization skills between children and peers and between children and adults. Activities are provided which allow for individual and group interaction. This allows for the development of verbal, cooperative, basic problem solving and decision-making skills within the children. Through our introduction of group participation, children will form a basis of comfort and security in situations that involve others.

Our group activities are diversified and therefore allow the achievement of success for all children in the varying development stages. As a result, this increases the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, which in tum will develop their learning potential to the fullest.

The child’s choice is highly valued in this program. Every play or work opportunity is viewed as a chance for the child to make decisions and explore. Through the use of the materials found in the classroom, the child also gains valuable hands-on experiences and discovers about cause and effect. We present choices in a safe and non-threatening environment. The child’s choices are used as learning experiences. The child learns to become responsible and independent, through the teacher’s encouragement and support of the child’s decisions.

We introduce to the children experiences and knowledge of various cultures. This understanding will help the children accept differences amongst themselves and thus learn to be courteous and respectful towards others. This exposure will thereby instill upon the children the awareness and acceptance of the multi-cultural environment in which they live.

Simcoe Street Montessori School recognizes and respects the inherent dignity, personalities and talents of each child.

Through the consistent implementation of our mission, your child will establish trust. We believe that trust forms the foundation for preparing and empowering your child to effectively cope with life’s challenges which he/she will encounter in the future.